Today is my diaversary. It was fourteen years ago that I was finally accurately diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and given my first dose of life-saving insulin. A few months ago, and only a few years late, I received my 10 year Lilly Diabetes Journey Award medal (application here). At work, and along with people affected with type 1 diabetes around the world, we have been mourning the death of tireless diabetes advocate, Mary Tyler Moore. Similar to me, she was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult. One of the most inspirational parts of her story for … Continue Reading →

My pump break

Just about a year ago, the four year warranty on my insulin pump ran out. I wasn’t too worried because the version of the pump that I was wearing had only been FDA approved about two years before, so the pump that I owned could only be that old. One of the best times to wear a waterproof pump with CGM integration is obviously at a water park. The advantage is not missing any basal insulin and having idea of my blood sugar without having to carry extra devices. One of the worst times to wear a waterproof pump to … Continue Reading →

Just write

It’s a long story (that’s what happens when you haven’t posted in eleven and a half months), but I was on a 36 hour round trip adventure with my mom to Southern California and back and we needed something to listen to on the drive when we got sick of Christmas carols. I suppose I should mention that this was about a month ago. I typically listen to podcasts on long drives, but most of them are serialized (unintentional Serial pun) so it wouldn’t really be fair to my mom to make her listen. Instead, I downloaded the audio version … Continue Reading →

ride to cure diabetes

Just like riding a bike

I know I’ve shared the story before but when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes during my last year of college, my friends were the ones responsible for getting me to the hospital and saving my life. The rest of the story is that they also jumped in to try to help me manage all aspect of my new life. We planned meals together. They offered to give me my insulin injections. But the first thing we tried to do together was get a little exercise. It was within a few days after I got out of the hospital … Continue Reading →

quest diagnostic bill insurance

Not my job

Last week I refused to pay over $2,000 in medical bills. I refused for good reason though, I didn’t actually owe the companies the money they were asking me to pay. I did have the opportunity to find out that the cost of quarterly lab work when it is not covered by insurance. And it is often NOT covered by insurance if the company hasn’t provided coverage for an individual in over five months at the time of service. “We will cancel this invoice and reissue a new invoice with the amount you owe.” (I know they took my insurance … Continue Reading →