On Friday, I went to the Sound Advice Amphitheatre…

On Friday, I went to the Sound Advice Amphitheatre to see Rascal Flatts in concert. Gary Allan and The Wreckers opened for them. I am not a huge Gary Allan fan, but The Wreckers were pretty good. Random fact: when I saw the Dixie Chicks, Michelle Branch opened for them and now she is part of a country group herself. I had seen Rascal Flatts before during the KZLA Country Bash a few years ago, but because they were part of an all day event they did not play very many songs (or so I thought). After Friday night’s show, I now know that they just play a REALLY short show! It was pretty good though, although they had a sad set where they played all their slow songs (Sarabeth, I’m Moving On, Bless the Broken Road). I really wanted them to play Backwards – oh well, maybe next time. This ticket was part of a set – up next Brad Paisley on August 4th!

And now for the pictures you have all been waiting for – the famous cats with their summer shave. I tried to get good shots, but they were not being very cooperative. It was almost like they were embarrassed or something :). Oh well, it is already growing out quite a bit. Enjoy!


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