Kindergarteners vs. College Students

Overheard recently during a bath time in California
“Grandma, my teacher is very smart.”
“Yes, she is honey, but why do you say that?”
“She knows ALL her color words!” (i.e. she knows how to spell the actual word for each color r-e-d, y-e-l-l-o-w, etc.)

Comments overheard recently on a college campus
“Are we going to actually learn anything in this class?” (before the first day of class even starts)
“She failed me just because I did not come to class to present my final project, can you believe it?!?!” (A student explaining why he was retaking a class)
“Can we leave early or are you going to teach us something?” (from an upperclassman before class in a class I was substituting for – not sure if I actually taught him something because I am not sure if he was listening)

Some days I wish for kindergarten!!!


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