Random Diabetes Updates (mostly)

  • I started pumping Apidra tonight. The quicker action and shorter tail sound good – we’ll see.
  • Put the pink feather skin on my pump. Wore a leopard print one to a jungle theme shower. This weekend’s shower is girly-girly so pink seemed the way to go.
  • Was waiting outside of a meeting that I go to every week and one of the people that is also in the meeting (how vague is that 😉 ) sees the clip on my pump and asks if it is an insulin pump. Seriously?! All that was visible was the edge of the clip. Turns out her husband is diabetic and has been pumping for about 20 years. Basically, he wore one of the first pumps. Crazy! Then she proceeded to tell me about a whole bunch of other pumpers at our work. Oddly exciting!
  • It was two years ago today that Hurricane Wilma hit Florida. I had lived here for about two weeks, and had been in my job for about one week. The back window got knocked out of my car by a tree, causing about $2500 worth of damage, but I was very lucky and safe otherwise.


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