Dear Bloggers

I started this blog about a year and a half ago to stay in touch with friends and family since I had moved across the country. They don’t read anymore – or at least I can’t tell because they never comment. Instead, I found a whole new group of friends and family.

Some of them I have even had the opportunity to meet. I have never laughed so much, for so long, as I did when I met my fellow bloggers. Sorry Minnesota crew, but my favorite moment was when George and I realized that we actually have IRL friends in common. How is that for a small world?!

The Minnesota meetup


I love my group of diabetes blogger but I wish more that we didn’t have that in common.

I think the USPS is honoring Diabetes Blog Day as well because I got a few special treats in the mail today at work. Talk about brightening a Friday afternoon.

November 9, 2007 - diabetes365 - day 32


  • Sara – I am so very jealous. I have yet to meet even one blogger in real life and you have met the Ninja of all bloggers. lol Hope you had a great D-Blog Day!

  • Happy Belated D-Blog Day! Thanks for the de-lurking comment, this is mine in return. I’m happy your are a part of the family, even if it is for a crappy reason like diabetes. I’m also very happy you like my project pictures, I enjoy your’s too. I have to add you to my blog roll now.

  • Happy d-blog day Sarah! I think it was so cool that you were able to help us facilitate the first ever MN Blogger Get Together! It was a blast.

    And I don’t feel bad even a little bit for not being able to live up to the Ninja. But that’s Ok because we’re actually brothers sperated at birth. It’s all in the family right!

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