How Do We Feel About Diabetes?

Well this pretty much sums it up!

I just wish I hadn’t been such a slacker so I would have had the chance to have mine included.


  • You know what Sara? I can’t see the picture from work (the IT scrooges block certain stuff).

    What makes it funny is that when I see the “red ‘x'” where the picture is supposed to be, along with the title of the post “How Do We Feel About Diabetes?”, I picture you flipping the bird to the camera… LOL!!!

    I’ll have to actually see what the picture is when I get home… 🙂

  • I have been a diabetic most of my 60 years. Just when I think I got this licked, It, Diabets throws me a curve ball. I am now on a pump which seems to be one of the best ideas ever, still takes a lot of montoring, but I seem to have the disease on the run for the time being with more control then I have had in many, many years.

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