Please Pray for My Family

February 2, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 177

My family got some really bad news this week. My mom (in back) found out that her baby sister has cancer.My aunt was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes around the holiday season this year. She went this week to get her regular allergy shot and the doctor said he could not give it to her because she was too jaundiced and sent her to the hospital.

It turned out she has a mass that is invading her pancreas and her liver. They are doing CAT scans right now to see if it is in her bones and lungs as well. The doctor has said that they cannot operate because it is involving some large veins. They live outside NYC so there is talk of getting a second opinion there.

Please pray for my family. We are all in different parts of the country and really want to be together right now.


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