A nice shade of pink

I have lived in Florida for two and a half years – within blocks of the intracoastal and within two miles of the ocean. I have been to the beach four times. It is kinda sad and I am kinda pale. Or I was. Now I am a lovely shade of pink.

The weather forecast this morning said it would be 80 and that the water temp was 72. It was a little windy.

did I mention it was windy?

Maybe more than a little windy.

I tested my blood sugar right before I got in the water and it was 188. Normally I would treat that, but I had a gut feeling I shouldn’t. I actually quickly pounded a juice box before I got in. When I tested again after getting back on the boat an hour later I was 85. Sometimes it just works!

Anyway – I took a bunch of pictures. You can view them all in the Florida! set of my flickr account. Here’s a preview.

snorkel pics

But this has to be one of my favorites

took this laying on the front of the boat

Oh, and this is what happens when college students get bored

April 4, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 180


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