Fixin’ to tell you more soon

I told Mandy I would get one of my favorite southern phrases into my post title just for her.

I have about 90 pictures I took at Children with Diabetes: Friends for Life and a few posts to write (including the promised story), but let me tell you this – I am exhausted. I slept 10 hours last night after spending the day at Universal Studios (after spending the previous 3 days at the actual conference). I can tell you that I met some really amazing people and had an amazing time. Not now nor have I ever actually been a ‘child with diabetes’ – doesn’t matter!

Meanwhile, I made the ridiculous decision to work on Monday when I should have taken an extra day to catch up!

To hold you over until later, take a look at all this diabetes swag! And this is only part of it – I saw other families walking around with bags and bags of free stuff.


P.S. My mom posted a comment on my blog for the first time since its creation! Everyone go say hi!


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