The painting of the new place has begun.

It started with testing colors (it’s the one on the right).

testing colors

It’s only one wall so I figure it’s go big or go home right?

Here is the wall after the pink primer.

wall primed

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress. 🙂


  • Looking good and I agree GO BIG!!!

    What is the name of that color? We painted our living room “CInnabar” and it looks sort of like that.

  • Never mind last comment- I thought you were asking for input. Whoops. Looks like you’ve already decided upon re-reading it. I think that will look cool too. Very bold of you to go red 😉

  • George –

    It’s Spanish Red.

    Christine –

    Don’t worry. I had actually picked the one on the left first. On the chip, it is the color I wanted. But on the wall it was too ‘red’ and not enough ‘brick’.

    And I loved the primer too. Only it was IMPOSSIBLE to get off anything. Oops!

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