6.0, 3 lives, 2 cookies, 1 apple juice

I donated blood after work today. This was quite an accomplishment considering what happened to me last time. I was their last ‘stick’ of the day, and they were all in a really good mood, laughing, joking, and rockin’ out to some tunes. It wasn’t the worst draw I have ever experienced (truly last time was!), but it still isn’t anything like my endo’s office whose phlebotomist can do a good draw even in the dark!

They were giving away free concert tickets for this weekend, but I knew I would not be able to make the event so I joked that they better not put the snacks away because I deserved some sort of reward, right?! I got two cookies and told them I didn’t want any juice. The lady could not believe I didn’t want juice – and I really didn’t want to explain that I don’t really drink juice (unless I am low). She continued to pester me to take one, so I finally relented and took an apple juice. When I got home, I noticed all my Juicy Juice apple juice boxes had expired so the ‘donation juice’ might come in handy.

A lot to be said about my endo appointment this week, but my most recent A1c came back at 6.0. Yay! There was one result in my lab work that my endo and I can’t figure out (don’t freak out Mom it isn’t a huge deal!) so I have been trying to Google an answer for that one. I don’t know if it is a bad or good thing to stump your endo…


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