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Last weekend, some friends and I took a little road trip down to the Keys. By little road trip, I mean it took us about 5 hours to get to our destination. It reminded me of a trip I took my freshman year of college. A friend and I drove to Colorado to celebrate the new year with some roommates. I remember being so excited when we finally crossed the border into Colorado, only to find out we had 3 hours left to go. It was just like that this time too! The Keys are a LOT longer than I thought!

Of course, with three girls traveling together, we had to make a few bathroom stops. Some of the locations were quite interesting. This one wanted to make sure we didn’t use the wrong door.


Based on the cleanliness of the bathroom, we didn’t want to touch anything we didn’t have to.

My travel buddies are quite the foodies so we found some great places to eat


One location, Blue Heaven, had amazing food and great service. When we were in the gift shop, I noticed some platinum records on the wall from Kenny Chesney. I asked the cashier about it and she mentioned that a sign they used to have on the gate inspired his song, “no shoes, no shirt, no problem”. I don’t know if it was it’s proximity to the Heminway house, but there were cats wandering the grounds as well.


Of course, what brings people to the keys other than Key Lime pie? The idea disgusts me, but I guess other people enjoy it.


We also noticed that they were very proud of all their ‘southern-most locations’.


There was actually a line of people waiting to get their picture taken at the southern-most point. Everybody takes turns taking pictures for the people in front of them in line. It was quite a fun group when we were there.


And last, but certainly not least, it wouldn’t be a vacation if I didn’t take a few silly pictures with statues.


Believe it or not, there are a few more pictures I didn’t post here that you can few in the Flickr set.


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