Dear Santa…

Before it gets too late, I wanted to finish my Thanksgiving holiday posts. While their mom was putting out the breakable Christmas decorations, I helped the kids write their letters to Santa.

looking at the Dept 65 village
(see breakable – a big temptation for little fingers)

For the youngest, I asked him what he wanted to tell Santa, and wrote it down for him. It was too funny, because he basically just said things about whatever was closest to him at the time (can you tell he was looking at a gingerbread house?)

He added his own letters at the end

3 yr old's letter to Santa

The older two worked hard on their letters, including a rewrite or two.

writing to Santawriting to Santa

I don’t remember what was on TV at the time, but it proved a little distracting to the photography.
look at Auntie...

Take 2

... okay now really look

The final letters turned out great, and if the grandparents, aunties, and parents have anything to say about it, I think they will be very successful.

6 yr old's letter to Santanephew with letter

7 yr old's letter to Santaniece with extra note to Santa


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