The view from up here

Last time I was in Vegas for Thanksgiving, we went hiking in Red Rock Canyon. One thing I miss about living in Florida is elevation. Seriously, I don’t think we even have hills around here! (and by the way, I thought I took a lot of pictures last year – 103 – I took 241 this year!)

We went to this super cool park for my nephew’s birthday this year – stay tuned for the post about that because you have to see the cake my SIL created – and part of the park included a climbing trail.

My brother, the two older kids, the dog (a female boxer named Leila of course), and I set off up the trail. It was the perfect way to work of an potential post cake highs.

mountain climbing

mountain climbing

And while I got this great picture of my brother and his kids…

end of the climb 1

(that is The Strip in the background on the right)

… these are the ones he got of me.

end of the climb 2
end of the climb 3

And people wonder why I prefer to take my own pictures.


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