I appreciate the thought

As I twittered earlier today, we had a work party at a bowling alley tonight. We had some pulled pork BBQ, potato and macaroni salads, chips, beans, etc. Then we split up in groups, took over a bunch of lanes, and knocked down some pins.

It was really fun. I bowled three games and scored a 73, 88, and 86. I am thinking of going pro!

During the end of the second game they brought out the dessert. In a department of about 50 people, there are at least two ther diabetics other than me. In recognition of that, they had two different cakes. One of them was ‘sugar-free’.

My favorite part of the night was when I had to break the bad news about what he had eaten to the guy on the South Beach diet.



P.S. Anyone know how I can trade in my bowling scores for meter results? 😉


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