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I returned the iPro this morning. I guess we will be reviewing the results at my next appointment. I had to keep a food log while I was wearing it so the results would make sense. Let me tell you – I hate logging!

I am a little (read: alot) frustrated with my endo office right now. MY endo left the practice because she is having twins and the new one doesn’t start until April 1st. I am admittedly spoiled, but I don’t want to see a substitute endo and I don’t want this one-hit-wonder to suggest changes to my numbers and such. Spoiled and stubborn – I know.

Ever since I had my thyroid checked and they gave me grief about giving me a copy of the results (old endo would just bring a spare copy into the appointment knowing I would want one), I’ve been a little suspicious about ‘the replacements’. That, and the fact that the endo’s med tech keeps calling me baby and sweetheart and dear and speaks in a valley girl voice. She is younger than me and clearly not from the ‘valley’.

Anyway, because of work responsibilities I really have to drop off the unit and run and won’t have a lot of time to chat. I am thinking that I will attach a note to the top of the logs that says “I expect to be mailed a copy of the CGMS log so that I may review my results in anticipation of my next appointment.” I’ll let you know how that goes.

Due to callibration needs, I have been using a provided Ultra 2 in addition to my personal UltraLink. They wanted at least four tests on the Ultra 2. I basically used it for my morning fasting number and pre-meal numbers and my UltraLink for all the rest (4-5 more tests each day). Well – that is except for the times I tested on both!

dueling meters


  • i like how you have a multi-clix with the one touch meters. i think that all other lancets should be removed from the market!

  • I know my endo is going to retire one of these days and getting a new one seems pretty scary. I hope all goes well with your new one. Pretty weird that some doctors don’t want you to see your own health information, isn’t it?

    Hope your toe is feeling better! 🙂

  • Yeah…I was going to ask if that is normal? I’ve “heard” the ultralinks are way off!!??? Now I wonder?

    And the Valley girl reference…..I haven’t heard that term in years. I’ve forgotten what it sounds like!!

    Endo change……not good……Ugh…I hope she’s at least bearable, if not better!

  • Would you believe, I’ve never seen an endocrinologist?! Hmmm. Wonder what I’m missing out on…But I agree w/Julia, it is bizarre that they don’t want you to see any numbers. Weirder than the Valley Girl voice, which is freaky enough…

    Hope the toe is doing better. I did almost the exact same thing once, except it was a Princess phone that did the damage and not a power supply 🙂 One of those old ’60s models. Yipes!

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