The great escape hatch

In my job, I work with a lot of the 18-24 demographic, and I blame my latest struggle on them. I’ll admit it – I am completely addicted to One Tree Hill.

I started watching late last season (or this season – it’s hard to tell with the strike). Furthering the addiction was the fact that Best Buy had the season DVDs on sale during Christmas for an amazing price (reg. $48.99 – sale $19.99!). I have been slowly making it through the previous seasons, and wow it makes the new stuff make a lot more sense.

Anyway, last night I watched a ‘very special episode’ involving a school shooting. A few of the students were being held hostage in one of the classrooms. After a few hours, they noticed that one of the girls was not looking good. Pale, fatigued, etc. They looked down at her wrist and she had a medical bracelet on. Guess what?

Diabetic. They asked her where her insulin was and when was the last time she had taken it (that morning). The gunman felt bad for her and let her out of the room to go get her insulin and escape to safety.

In the commentary, the director mentioned that the actress playing the part said that she researched diabetes and when she ran away from the room for her escape she said she was going to ‘run funny’ like she didn’t have control over her muscles.

While I appreciate the extra ‘effort’, it made me wonder if we have ever seen a character who had diabetes integrated into a normal storyline. Has there ever been a diabetic main character on a show who lived like we do – mostly normal :).

Or are we just for dramatic effect?


  • I have a question, too. Why don’t they just get someone who actually HAS diabetes to play these roles? I would hope that could take care of all of the misinformation out there!!

  • Actually, Dr. Turk on Scrubs has diabetes. He was diagnosed during the course of the show. It has only been a major story line in a few episodes, though, and even then it was limited to “eat this, don’t eat that” sort of stuff. I don’t recall them ever discussing meds, but I do recall him talking about taking good care of himself so he can be there when his daughter grows up, etc. You’d think a show about doctors and a hospital could do a little better, but I get the feeling that most people don’t want that kind of realism in a comedy.

  • Yeah, I find myself critiquing every mention of diabetes on Scrubs… but at least they’re creating some sense of awareness. In some ways, they do show that he can still live a (somewhat) normal life without having to put diabetes in the forefront every episode.

    Btw, not sure if you were able to sign up for a Presto at CWD, but if you’re interested in getting a sample, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll give you more details. 🙂

  • I think I would be shocked if I watched a TV show that really accurately depicted diabetes. It just doesn’t seem to happen. As I was reading, and you said she was looking pale and fatigued, I assumed she was going to be low, but if she needed insulin, that would’ve meant she was high. If she’s been trapped in the classroom, she probably hadn’t eaten, and if she’s on injections, she’d likely be on Lantus… I don’t know, I guess it’s more plausible than other things I’ve seen, but the “running funny” thing sounds kind of ridiculous.

    I love Scrubs, but some of the stuff with Turk’s T2 is kind of silly. I don’t think it’s necessarily inaccurate, just incomplete, and in some ways, promotes some of the stereotypical stuff we’re always having to dispute.

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