twisty slides and church games

In this vlog I attempted to explain something on video that I thought would be easier to describe verbally than in writing. Not sure how accurate that was!

Enjoy!!… or whatever…


  • LOVE the new haircut!!!! It looks great – even better than Neve.

    Those are quite some broken bone stories. Let’s hope this foot one is your last!!

  • Your hair looks great!

    In 9 months you will be able to have help on the painting thing.

    Urgent Care is lame.

    I don’t know if you saw my tweet but I think you should get a Nerf too.

    that pic was awesome as was this Vlog!

    Vlog on Sara!

  • Love the new haircut! Ouch on the broken bones. At least you have some decent stories to tell… I managed to break my ankle slipping off the edge of a pavement/sidewalk.

  • I’m a lefty too. I’ve only broken a bone once. It was the day before my 18th birthday and I was running (yes, running) into the library (where my mom worked) and tripped on the sidewalk. Apparently I’m a drama queen so my mom didn’t believe I broke it until I nearly hurled on her. 🙂 Fractured just below the wrist. Luckily, it was my right arm. But I drove a 5 speed. Couldn’t drive for a week cause I couldn’t change gears. LOL
    Also, once, I gave myself a black eye with the church door. We had these really heavy glass doors on the front of my church that swung both ways. I went out and turned right back around to go back in….and ran into it with my eye. 😛

  • I am finally catching up on your blog as I have been focusing on Facebook. I love the haircut. It looks like a great length and very flattering. Cuter than Neve.

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