Creepy Cookies

 A week since my last post?! Yikes!!

Last week was incredibly busy at work and I spent almost all of it away from my desk. I was hosting a really big event, which meant that I came home exhausted and no blog writing could happen while I was snoozing.

Anway, since I am single (and looking!), I hosted a party for some of my single friends. We played some ‘heart themed’ games, I bought a lot of junk food which was eagerly consumed by all, and we watched some great movies.

The original intent was to watch some chick flicks, but it turns out I don’t really own any! I still have some of my old VHSs and those were definitely of the chick flick variety (Coyote Ugly, Now and Then, Down to You, 10 Things I Hate About You), but once I started buying DVDs it seems like my tastes changed. In that collection you will find Crash, Pirates, Walk the Line, Ocean’s Twelve, etc.

We ended up watching Empire Records. Anyone else remember that movie. If you haven’t you MUST! If you are in the 20-35 year old age range, you won’t regret it!!

I forgot to take pictures during the festivities, but here are some shots I captured while I was cleaning up. The sugar cookies are the kind that you just take out of the package and plop on the tray, but I find the smiley faces rather creepy looking regardless.

Valentine's Day partyValentine's Day partyValentine's Day partyValentine's Day party

P.S. While not perfect, thanks to some well placed square wave boluses for snacking, I ended up with a daily average blood glucose number of 136 and was able to eat a little of everything I desired.


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