Monday Memories: Pump Weight

Scott has Wayback Wednesday, so I thought I’d start Monday Memories. Check out this post I wrote on December 19, 2006:


Pump weight – I think it is like baby weight only harder to get rid of.

George seems to be dealing with the same problem. Since I got my pump I have put on about 20 pounds (over about 2.5 years). The good thing about the pump is that it gives you a lot more freedom about what you can eat – the bad thing is that it gives you a lot more freedom about what you can eat.

Well, December 1st I decided to start a new workout routine. I stop at the gym on the way homne from work (or I would never go!) and do al least 30 minutes of cardio and usually add 20 minutes of weight machines. As of today, I have officially gained 1.5 pounds!!!

Any ideas?


Shortly after I posted this, I joined the OC New Me Challenge and was able to lose that 20 pounds of pump weight slowly but surely over the next year.

Then I moved very close (about a block) to my work, and no longer passed the gym on my way home. And work got busier and my workout buddies got pregnant so I stopped going to my Pilates class after work a few days a week.

And now, a little more than two years later, I find myself halfway back to where I started. I have ‘found’ 10 of those hard earned ‘lost’ pounds.

You’d think I would say that I am going to get serious about going to the gym, but realistically it is hard to fit it into my current schedule. I usually eat around 200 carbs a day. I could cut back in that area, but my A1c has been under 6.5 for over a year (still waiting on my most recent results – more on that tomorrow) so I don’t feel too motivated to change that either. Honestly, I ‘know’ I should do something, but still figuring out where and how to start.


  • Exercise is good for your general well being, and does help with insulin resistance for those that have it (I know you don’t).

    Personally, I think exercise is only a small part of the weight loss picture. You can lose weight without exercise (but it’s harder), but losing weight without restricting your calorie intake long term, is usually only successful for people like marathon runners and some other athletes, who use absolutely huge amounts of energy. Or you could move to the south pole 🙂

    I’ve restricted my carbs, but not severely, and it has helped with glucose control and weight control.


  • I hate to say it, Sara, but I’m in the same predicament and I know for myself that the way to do it is to cut down the carbs which requires less insulin from my pump and to also exercise which also cuts down on the insulin I need. 200 carbs seems like a fair amount to me, so I’m wondering if you cut it even down to like 150 or 125 if you couldn’t get rid of a lot of that excess weight. You could do it as an experiment for a month and see if there is any difference–even if you don’t do the exercise, but simply cut the carbs from like 200 to 125, I have a feeling it’d help a lot.

    Hey, we could try it together for a month and blog about it. Wanna give it a go? Cutting our daily carb amounts in half for a month and seeing if that alone would help us lose weight. Game?

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