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Late last year, I received the good/bad news that my endo was going on maternity leave and was planning not to return to the practice. I wrote about it on the Diabetes Daily forum.

Here’s what I wrote:

I just got a letter from my endo‘s office (not even mail merged – btw – how easy is that!!) stating that my endo would be leaving the practice on December 1st because of upcoming arrival of her TWINS.

The letter goes on to say that the practice is currently interviewing new physicians to find her replacement.

I have an appointment in early November. I had been thinking about looking for a new office (before I got the letter) because while I have been receiving adequate to good care, I always leave feeling like we should be ‘doing more’.

Should I:

a. go with the flow and accept whatever new doctor they pick
b. ask to be transferred to an endo already in the practice
c. give the new doc a chance (once they select him/her) and do b. if it isn’t a good fit
d. take this as a sign and look for an entirely new practice
e. none of the above

The overwhelming majority suggested ‘c’.

The new endocriniologist will start April 1st, and until then, two other endocrinologists are seeing all of my old endocrinologist’s patients.

Three weeks ago, I had my blood draw for my A1c and other quarterly lab work. The medical assistant for the old endo did the blood draw – and was clearly not as good as the one who can draw in the dark. This one makes me want to wear ear plugs. Now, I spent a GOOD portion of my life in Southern California and I have heard a ‘valley girl’ or two. This girl puts them ALL to shame. I can’t count the number of times she has called me sweetie, baby, honey, said the word ‘like’, or has acted like a complete ditz and messed up my appointment, prescription request, or other parts of my care.

She did make one good point during my lab work though. I was venting about seeing the substitute endocrinologist for one appointment before seeing the new one in a few months. What is a doctor going to do in one appointment when I have not seen that doctor before, and have no plans to see him again? She said to cancel the appointment, and that she would mail me my lab work.

After thinking about it, I called a few days later to cancel my appointment and to remind her to send me my lab work. She said she would when it came in. Interesting, because they have a lab on site.

A few days later, the day of my actual appointment arrived. I had not received my labwork yet, but it had to be ‘in’ by then because we would have gone over it at that appointment. I thought that maybe the mail was taking a little bit longer and that it would arrive any day. Granted I could have walked to the office to get my results quicker. I walk past my home and endocrinologist’s office during the local JDRF walk each year – it’s that close. 

It has now been two weeks since my appointment was supposed to take place, and three weeks since my lab appointment.

Time to call the office and play phone tag with the ‘valley girl’ to see if I can get some results. I pay too much for my health insurance to deal with this type of nonsense. Too much more like this and I am changing my ‘c’ to a ‘d’.

Speaking of health insurance, we’ll talk about that tomorrow… 


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