Under my skin

I have (so far) been unable to get insurance approval for a CGMS device. However, I have been able to trial both the Dexcom and the MiniMed device through my endocrinologist’s office and at last year’s Children with Diabetes conference (bonus points if you find me in the video linked).

The first picture is from my trial of the Dexcom 3 in 2007 (this model has since been upgraded)




The second set of pictures is from the iPro I wore about a month ago. It is almost identical to the MiniMed REAL-Time (or Guardian) system a diabetic would wear on their own. The only difference is that I was not able to see the results on my pump screen. They were stored in the transmitter and downloaded when I returned the sensor to the office. This was a less-than-valuable trial due to the warm-up and calibration time needed for the sensor, and they fact that the office had patients scheduled back-to-back in three day increments.


MiniMed iPro sensorMiniMed iPro sensor

It’s amazing the things we let get ‘under our skin’!


  • How true and the fact that we don’t even think twice about allowing them to be there 🙂 And how much we rely on them once they are there to give us answers and a glimpse of hope too.

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