Monday Memories: How do I explain?

After having my last post in Monday Memories picked up by the TSA blog, I am feeling a little more pressure about this one!

Just kidding – but I am a little worried about my next trip to the airport! Think I’ve been flagged as a risk?!

This post comes from August 2007. I had recently starting meeting up with ‘diabetes friends’ and those meeting were hard to explain.


How do you explain to your IRL friends about your virtual friends?

For example, I was trying to tell my boss about Manny, founder of tudiabetes, who works at school we both are familiar with since we are also in the education field. I mentioned it in sort of a public setting and all those in hearing distance started chuckling at the first mention of the internet.

When I was in Minnesota recently for a conference, I met up with a great group of virtual buddies. Laughed like I hadn’t in a long time – but stumbled in my explanations when I got back. They just didn’t get it. Same goes for my meeting with G-Money.

What gives? Am I doing it wrong or do people just not get it?


I think I have gotten better since then at navigating between my friendship that started because of our diabetes link, and those that started for other reasons.

How do you do it?


  • I just referred to them as my diabetes friends. Sometimes my internet friends. And let people think what they may. 🙂 Friends are friends no matter what.

  • The best was when I told people about Scott. A coworker said, “so you are meeting someone you met online and they are staying at your house for 3 days?”

    I had to explain to them that:

    1. you can learn a lot more from someone reading about their life then you would talking to them.

    2. This is not like someone I play video games with. We both share our lives and our disease with one another. A bond that is not like having the same hobby or in a book club.

    3. Diabetes makes us have a super sense of cool that only other diabetics can detect. We have evolved and become super human, you could never understand this. LOL

    I leave off 3 for the people I like. 🙂

  • Wow! I think that is pretty dang cool that your post got picked up by the TSA blog!!! Ha!

    I always explain that it is like family. We have a bond that is stronger than can be explained or understood by those without the bond.

    I got the same reaction as George did explaining the inverse. People were like “so you’re meeting this dude that you’ve never met in real life, and staying at his home for 3 days?”. The local folks gave me their phone numbers and said that if I walk in and see lampshades made out of skin or other weirdness that I was to bail out immediately and call them for rescue! LOL!!

    I think George explained it really well.

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