Monday Memories: Mistaken Pump

I am not walking in the local JDRF walk this year (next Saturday), mostly because the date snuck up on me, but also because I am frustrated with my local chapter. JDRF as a whole is a fine organization, but my local chapter leaves much to be desired. That is not the point of this post however. I just wanted to mention that as a preface to a story I posted April of 2007.


“Excuse me?” said the elderly voice behind me. “Is that a microphone you’re wearing?”

(man – I thought my shirt was covering it)

“No. It’s not,” I respond as I pull down my shirt (full explanation to follow only if needed).

As my friends and I walked further away, “A microphone?” one asks incredulously.

“Yeah – wired for sound 24/7″ another responds.

“You know what you should do?” volunteers the third. “Carry around an envelope with you so when people make comments like that you can tell them about diabetes and ask for donations for our walk!”

And on to Cracker Barrel we went to enjoy our Easter lunch.

Hey – at least it wasn’t a garage door opener this time!


I know there are some classic stories out there – I know one girl had her’s mistaken for a gun. So, what has your pump been mistaken for?


  • Believe it or not mine has been mistaken for an ipod, this was at the hospital and they knew that I was a pumper. I had to laugh at that. I have an Animas so I can almost understand the mix up but please. The only other thing that mine has been mistaken for was a phone this happened at an international airport after they too had been informed I was wearing an insulin pump (my phone being in the little basket in front of said security personnal). It is almost funny how people see the pump and mistake them for other things. This would also make a great thread to read and laugh at. 😉

  • a beeper

    an iPod

    a cell phone

    a spying device (wired)

    a gun (my sister, when I was stopped by a Maine State Trooper, got grilled and the guy didn’t believe it was an insulin pump. She had her pants undone b/c we had a long drive to the airport and he made her get up without buttoning her pants and the pump was in the pocket and it was a whole big ordeal. That guy was such a tool!

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