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Outside of diabetes, there are a few other issues I am very passionate about.

This is one of them.

In a world rich with nouns, verbs, and adjectives to describe actions, feelings, and behaviors it is unbelievable that people still feel the need to use a word that is derogatory to an entire segment of the population.

Consider this speech given by a high school student to provide a better perspective on the feelings that can be associated with the misuse of the r-word.

Please visit the site linked in the graphic above and consider signing the pledge to abolish the derogetory use of the r-word.



  • Oh Sara, this is a subject very close to my heart. I taught Special Education students in the 70’s. It broke my heart when they would come in to the classroom in tears because someone had used the “R” word in front of them.

    The word was not allowed in our home, and our sons’ friends learned very quickly that they would receive a very long lecture if the used that word in our home.

    Thanks for posting the video – it was great!

  • This is a great cause. That speech reminded me of an episode of CSI where Grissom had some choice words for one of the people who used the r-word. The fewer people using that word, the better.

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