You fit?

Excuse me! I meant Wii Fit – or maybe Mii Fit! In my continued pursuit to abolish those last stubborn pounds, I am looking for some non-traditional ways to exercise. After playing the Wii we bought my brother and his family for Christmas, I kept thinking that it would be fun to have one at my place too. My recent tax refund made it possible.

My Wii Fit trainer says I need to use it every day and has helped me set a weight loss goal. I have tried out a few of the activities, and while it isn’t the hardest workout I have ever done, I certainly feel like I am burning some calories.

wii training

Here I am preparing for a short run.

wii squats

wii stretch leftwii stretch right


Hopefully, the more I use it, the smaller this part will become!

my backside


  • Let me know how it works out. My son got a Wii for Christmas. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Wii Fit, but didn’t know if was really worth the money.

  • LOL! Sara, this post made my day. I want to hear how the Wii Fit is, too. I got a wii a while ago and completely forgot about it over the last month. Too much work makes David a Wii-less boy. 🙂

  • To answer some of your questions…

    So far, I love the Wii Fit. It is by no means, the hardest workout I have ever done, but I am certainly sweating by the time I am done.

    Part of what frustrates me about going to the gym is my boredom with doing really any activity for 20-30 minutes at a time. When I am on the elliptical I am reading a magazine covering the screen because I cannot handle watching the minutes tick by.

    With the Wii Fit, I can vary my activities (as the categories in the 1st picture list) every five minutes or so. For example, last night I:

    *played Tetris using the Balance Board (moving your body moves the pieces)

    *did a step aerobics class

    *practices some yoga moves

    *went for a short run (and ran past George’s family)

    * spun some hula hoops

    *headed some soccer balls (with George’s dog as the ref)

    *skiied (slalom and jump)

    * and a few other things I can’t even think of here!

    If you are wondering if it is worth the money – I definitely think it is!

  • I love mine! And, you can definitely make a good calorie burning workout once you open the advanced levels. Right now I start with some balance exercises to warm up (slalom and soccer), then do 10 minutes each of hula, advanced step, advanced boxing and running, then do some of the yoga to cool down. I end up with about 60 minutes (40 of which are cardio). I am definitely sweating and the Wii Fit tells me I am a calorie roaster. I am slowly losing weight and inches so it is working!

  • My wife and I have a Wii Fit and sometimes it is hard to exercise because of all the laughing. These exercise games are a blast.

  • I have the WII Fit and love every minute I spend on it. It has helped me alot to tone up and yes I am shedding some pounds also. But most of all I get up off my behind and do something for me and it feels good.

  • I am seriously thinking about getting a Wii Fit…does it make you sweat like what a normal work out at the gym would do??? or at least close to it??

    I think having a bit of fun is better than staring at blank walls while on the TM 🙂

  • Wii Fit is awsome! My bf just bought our family one on Tuesday. Some of the activities are easier for some then others and once you get them they unlock other activities so there is always something new to do. I love it!! Our whole family has there Mii’s set up so it will be interesting to see who puts in the time and what we eacht get out of it as our needs are all varied. Definatly alot more fun then going to the stinky gym. 😉


    AND Is that the same as a Wii, but you just buy it as a game, or is it something else entirely? And how much do the games cost?

    Just wondering…I’m a dope when it comes to this stuff, but it sounds cool. I’m slow..I just recently learned how to play PS2–oh how I love Rock Band!

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