Diet Coke, Dressing, and Somewhat Ironic Shirts

Yes, I’ll admit I am hopelessly behind. I actually have to post about something that happened in March, but if I wait any longer to post this, I think some people may have my head!

For Easter, I was able to take a few extra days off work to fly out west and celebrate with family. The family is actually divided between California and Nevada, and oddly enough, the cheapest flight was for me to fly into California and drive with my mom to Nevada.

And you know what that means…..


OC Meet Up

Choosing a some-what central location, Ninjabetic George, Jaimie, and Cherise (w/ Niya) had a great dinner together at Red Robin. We even convinced a hesitant waitress to bring us a pitcher of Diet Coke. She didn’t think George and I could finish it, but we showed her by finishing TWO!

OC Meet Up

I think this meet-up definitely has to rank highly as one of my loudest and funniest yet!

OC Meet Up

Most of the fun happened off camera, but I was able to catch a small part of the fabulous Niya’s talents. I think George has a better video when he posts about the night. I am not going to name names (*cough* look who I am sitting next to – Cherise *cough*), but I think I may have been able to capture more video if someone had not spilled poppyseed dressing all over it and everything else in my purse


P.S. The shirt I am wearing that I mentioned in this post’s title… that would be this one!


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