I like to Tok

One of my favorite D-buddies e-mailed the other day about a website he found that is like Skype on steroids! Anyone with a webcam and a microphone can join a video chat room.

So George, Scott, and I planned a time to test it out. Once we figured out that it actually worked at the quality was good, we sent out an ‘all-call’ on Twitter to get more of our friends in.

As George noted in his post about the night, at some point during the almost 3 hours I was in there, I was joined by Rachel, Windy, Kelly, Ninnifur, Major Bedhead, Cherise, Jaimie, Amy, tmana, Landileigh, Tim, and Mike.

Unfortunately, unless you were wearing headphone and had a decent microphone, there was quite an echo. Which brings me to my loser move of the night. I got out my Flip camera to film our conversation, but I forgot I had my headphones in.

So you get to hear me, and see everyone else!

P.S. Save me some embarrassment and don’t read the comments on George’s post too closely! 🙂


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