Monday Memories: 100

Who knew such a simple number could have so much meaning? I think it was Allison who once mentioned that she would get a dollar every time her blood sugar clocked in at exactly 100.

Personally, my favorite number is 104. I call it being ‘box-worthy’ because that is the number featured on the OneTouch boxes. I actually tried to record all my 104s in Flickr for a while, but I got busy/lazy and have abandoned that goal.

Speaking of Flickr, and getting back to the number for this post, the number 100 came up on my old blog in January of 2008.


Today I took the 100th picture for my diabetes365 project. If you’d like to leave a comment on an individual photo check out my Flickr pool .



I finished the diabetes365 project on October 7, 2008 and there are links to the photo set and compilation video in my profile to the right. While I have finished the project, there are many people still going strong. Head over to diabetes365 to see some of the best representations of daily life with diabetes on the web.


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