Monday Memories: I went north…

Please excuse another travel post. I am on the last day of my vacation with my family [I promise to get back to real posts this week!]. As the TSA has picked up on, traveling with diabetes is always an adventure. Even if when you don’t get stopped by security, there is also the worry about whether or not your bag will arrive at the destination, if your plane will be delayed, if you packed enough snacks, if you have all your supplies, if the time zone differences are going to mess up your basal rates, etc,

In December 2007, one of my bag and I had an interesting adventure. It seems like we had different ideas of how we wanted to journey across the country.

The trip made me a little extra nervous because, while I had my insulin and test strips with me, my reserviors and infusion sets were in the adventurous bag.


December 21, 2007 - diabetes365 - day 74

Here’s to Chicago!

Waitied about an hour to take off, but glad the snow is on the ground and not falling through the air.

As I sat on the plane, I was unaware that only one of my suitcases was in the cargo hold below me.

When I finally got to California, I stood at the baggage carousel forever waiting for my second suitcase. I was getting worried because of course that was the one that had all my diabetes supplies in it.

Finally, I spotted my bag – and guess what – it had my flight number crossed out and another one written in marker.

While I went from Florida to Chicago to California, my diabetes suitcase went from Florida to Houston to California.

Reunited and it feels so good!

What has been your biggest adventure traveling with diabetes?


  • The trickiest travel adventure I had was going off the pump for a white-water rafting trip. Going back to shots for a week was a hard transition, and my control was only eh.

    This summer I’ll be traveling often, so I’m just hoping that me and my d-supplies don’t get separated! 🙂

  • I hate that nervous wait at the carousel. Having had my bags lost several times I now tend to get a bit panicky when waiting for it to show! I’m also ridiculously over the top with what I put in my carry on – usually half a dozen infusion sets and a couple of reservoirs minimum! (Even if I’m only away for a couple of days!)

  • I too pack a crazy amount of stuff in my carry on, just because I’m paranoid. And I always figure I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I’m sure I’ll get stuck without something sometime though.

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