Cracking up

I’ve been pumping for a little over 5 years with MiniMed. I had my first pump for its entire 4 year warranty. I never had any problems with it, not even a loose battery cap.

I got my second pump at the end of February 2008.

Recently, I noticed a crack near the reservior chamber. From my perspective, it seems like a pretty large crack, but it is not actually affecting the functionality of my pump right now.

Since I have never had a problem before, I don’t know what to think. I know I can obviously call MiniMed and ask them, but I thought I would put it out there in the diabetes blogosphere first to get some expert opinions.


how bad is this crack?
how bad is this crack?
how bad is this crack?
So what do you think?


  • Well, it looks like it’s just the plastic casing, and MM never claims the pump to be watertight (ie, you have to keep it out of water anyway), so I think if you can live with it cosmetically (or until it does interfere with function), I wouldn’t waste time talking to MM when you could bolus for some M&M’s, and continue enjoying life.

  • IF you can get it replaced, do it. They replaced my pump two months before my warranty expired. They fedex’d me my new pump and sent a shipping label and packaging for the old one. -TOTALLY EASY PEASY

    Kelly K

  • A (4) year warranty is a (4) year warranty.

    As an ex-plastics engineer, I’d question material flow around that cored window as a possible cause of a “nit line”. If you didn’t crack the case with serious force, maybe a weak “nit line” is responsible, or aided the issue.

    Call and see if they’ll replace it.

  • I had the exact same crack on my clear MM522. It wasn’t causing any problems but I called MM just to ask and they replaced it. I was glad they swapped it because I wanted to switch to purple anyways 😉

  • I replaced mine about a month ago for the same crack… clear as well… got a purple one too… wonder if it is a common problem… mine was 3.5 yrs old.

  • I’ve used three different 522 pumps and every single one developed this crack within a few weeks (although it wasn’t the reason for replacing any of them.) I think it is to do with the squared-off design of the window. The corner creates a weak spot that supports the development of a crack. I now use a 722 and the reservoir window on that is rounded. It isn’t cracked after more than 6 months.

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