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I wanted to tell you guys about an amazing new product that I found recently. I found and bought it on my own, and am not being paid for this review. I was just so excited to find it that I wanted to share it with you.

I remember when I was first looking at pumps, the promotional video by MiniMed emphasized that their pump was waterproof and showed people participating in all sorts of water sports. Sometime between watching the video and getting the pump, they had recalled that claim and would only now call their pump water resistant.

I have heard that if your MiniMed pump does not have any cracks in it, then it is probably waterproof. Well, based on yesterday’s post, we all know that my pump is certainly not crack free at the moment (and from the comments I am wondering if it is a flaw of the clear version). Even if it was, I am not sure dunking it in water is a chance I am willing to take anyway – with a $6000 medical device.

The problem was that a few weeks ago I was headed to a retreat that was going to involve spending some time at a waterpark. When I am swimming or at the beach, it is easy to disconnect when I go in the water, but the in-and-out of a waterpark seemed like a more difficult situation. I was looking for something that would make my pump waterproof.

Much like I do with any other diabetes question, my first stop to look for an answer of what to use was the Diabetes Daily forums, where I found this thread.

It looked like the Sports Guard was going to be my best bet, so I went to the MiniMed website to order it. The day after I ordered it however, I got a notification that it was on backorder. A big problem considering the retreat in question was that weekend.

Thankfully, there was one other suggestion on that thread of a company called Aquapac.

Aquapac sells an insulin pump case – it is actually the same model number as their microphone case. Quite funny considering my past ‘mistaken pump’ experience.

By the time I found this product, it was after midnight on Tuesday night and we were leaving for the retreat on Friday afternoon. Even though it looked like this might be the answer to my problem, I was worried that it would not arrive on time.

There was a place to leave comments on the order, in which I begged and pleaded for them to rush the shipment if they were able.

Considering I started this post by telling you I wanted to share about an amazing product, I bet you can guess where this story is going.

MiniMed Sport Guard on backorder = FAIL*

Aquapac Insulin pump case = EPIC WIN

You can click on any of these pictures for a better view.

Here is the case and the belt you can use to wear it – but I just sort of tucked it into my tankini bottom.

Aquapac waterproof case for my insulin pump

You just drop your pump into the pouch. Aquapac waterproof case for my insulin pump

Making sure that the tubing stays behind the retaining arm, you twist and flip down the retaining arms. Aquapac waterproof case for my insulin pump

Flipping the levers tightens the seal, and you are ready to go. Aquapac waterproof case for my insulin pump

The finished product looks something like this: Aquapac waterproof case for my insulin pump

Of course, since I had never used it before, I was a little suspicious of the seal in the beginning. But my obsessive checks proved their claims, my pump stayed completely dry! This was despite several trips down the waterslides and a good amount of time spent in a lazy river. If you are looking for a waterproof case to provide a little extra security for your pump during your water fun this summer – I strongly recommend checking out Aquapac products.

Aquapac waterproof case for my insulin pump


* I am actually still waiting for the Sport Guard. The MiniMed sales rep sent me a follow-up e-mail when they came off backorder asking if I still wanted it, I responded that I did… almost three weeks ago.


  • I had a similar experience when ordering a wrap around leather case from MM – BACK ORDERED. I didn’t have a time crunch and just waited, but was still annoyed.

    This case looks pretty solid and sounds like it’s effective. My only thought is, could they have made it a little smaller? It looks huge. I might as well be carrying around an oxygen tank. 😉

    Thanks for the review!

  • Tony –

    It’s actually not as big as it looks in these pictures – I guess I zoomed a little too much! Probably only about as big as an envelope.

    I’m only 5’3″ and obviously don’t have any pockets when I am swimming and it never really was in my way.

  • That is SO Very Cool Sara!!!!

    I thought the same as Tony, uh, kinda long isn’t it?

    I am 5’3″ too! Nice. Us vertically challenged ones can take on anything.

    Here’s to enjoying swimming without worrying! AWEsome!


  • As a purchaser dealing with suppliers…I so understand the frustration of backorders..

    I can only say…have some patience…i can assure you that they are trying their best to get the product in stock…but sometimes are just stuck with their supplier’s incompetence in supplying them the parts needed…

    Congrats on finding an alternative solution the original one though 🙂

  • I have an Aquapac (a friend whose a CDE actually gave it to me) and it works great!

    Sometimes I use it, and other times I place my pump in the cooler while I go swimming at the beach. I love that ‘m able to do either!

    Hey, I’m all about options!

    Kelly K

  • Absolutely second your recommendation! I love the Aquapac. It’s particularly useful for watersports where you won’t mainly be in the water, but have a risk of ending up in the water – like kayaking, jetskiing etc – but where the time periods involved mean you don’t want to disconnect. I’ve also got the SLR camera one, which is a lifesaver in heavy rain!

  • That’s a pretty cool solution, and I’m glad it worked out well for you. I have an Animas pump, so I don’t need to worry about a case for my pump, but in the event I ever feel I should have a case for my CGM monitor which is MM, I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  • I used an Aquapac when I spent a day white water rafting and it was excellent. The material is flexible so you can use the pump perfectly throught it, it’s transparent so you can see the screen, it’s soft so doesn’t rub if you tuck it in your swimsuit and it’s waterproof. Pretty much perfect!

  • I have used the aquapac to protect my Medtronic pump when I have been sailing, white water rafting and skiing – it is brilliant and my pump was dry all the time.


  • Thanks you SO much for sharing this! The same thing happened to me with my pump (waterproof, not waterproof) and I never found anything waterproof at the time. I will def. be ordering one now! Thank you!

  • hi….was wondering if you could help me out…i read your blog about the aquapac…i was thinking to get it for my 3 yr old for the beach,,,,waterparks or just playing with the sprinkler,..he has the animas pump….i was wondering if you think this is a good idea and doesn”t the tubing get pinched ? and how about the belt do you think it would be too big for his tiny waist? thx for your help

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I have two small children (4 & 2 years old) and they love the water park !! We recently went to our local water park and I didn’t want to take off my pump because I lose track of time and then my bs is high later. So, that evening when we went back to the water park I kept it on and clipped it on the top of my bathing suit, between my neck and shoulder. I thought everything would be fine, it got splashed a little. Well, I get home and I tried to take a bolus and NONE of my buttons would work!!! I called Minimed and my pump was still under warranty (thank God!!) so they overnighted me a new one.

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I can not thank you enough. Now, I can take my kids back to the water park. 🙂

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