Monday Memories: Still A Weak Link

It is really funny to go back and look at old posts and realize that you are in the exact same place you were then. Well, I don’t know if funny is the right word.

In this post from February 2008, I recounted an electronic conversation I had with a certain ninja shortly before getting my upgraded pump. I was trying to decide if I should add the MiniMed CGMS to my purchase. Long story (you can see how long below) short, I didn’t get it. I don’t regret that decision, but there is part of me that still really wants one. The only thing that has changed between then and now is that George beat me to it, and has a system he will be starting shortly.


As you can tell from my previous post, I recently upgraded my pump. I knew I wanted the MiniMed 522; I knew I wanted clear (as I regretting smoke from almost the minute I got it last time). The biggest decision for me was whether or not I wanted to add the MiniLink CGMS system at the same time.

There was a strong motivation to get it at the same time as my pump. I have to pay for part of my pump on the payment plan through the pump company and if I got the CGMS system at the same time I could put it on the same plan.

I test A LOT. 10-12 times a day is a lot for my poor little fingers. I am kinda obsessed with numbers and staying in range. There is a significant draw to knowing your blood sugar at the touch of a button and poking your fingers a little less.

While I was waiting for insurance to finish its process, I would go back and forth each day – or several times in a day. To CGMS or not to CGMS – that was the question.

I honestly could not decide! So, I did what anyone would do in this situation – I employed the skills of this ninja I know.




George: hi
Me: hi
G: :)
M: question for you…
G: k
M: if you could afford the CGMS, would you get it? … i kinda can (w/ payment plan) but…
G: If I am correct, you can get the started deal that is good for one month. Is that correct? IF so, then you should try it. I would without a doubt…
G: but I would not sign up for a years worth because I may hate it.
M: there would be no insurance coverage, and no sample deal …, $999 for a starter kit including a box of 10 sensors
G: well, If I could I would. I like the idea of really seeing the trends
M: seriously one day i will have decided yes, the next day i decide no, i have gone back and forth for about a week
M: it is the only thing holding me back from getting by 522
M: they want to send them together if i get it
G: I dunno, think about the info you would gain
G: I am on that side of the fence. I must admit, Kerri’s post troubled me.
M: thats when i switched back to ‘no’
M: i was a yes the day before
G: okay so lets work it out
M: then today i was thinking ‘yes’ again
G: I am really good at this
M: lol
G: so, do you have to put out the 999 right off the bat?
M: not if i get it with my pump
M: i can put it on the same payment plan
G: now, the 999 is really only for one month
G: of sensors
M: ish
M: depending on how long you leave them in
G: right
G: so, I say do it
M: $350 for a box of 10
G: I mean, it would be different if you had to agree to continue buying them
M: the transmitter is under warranty for 6 months but they say it should last 3 years, and is $650
M: (the seashell part)
G: wow
G: right
G: good description!
M: i thought so!
M: should blend in a lot better on my skin that yours!
M: :o )
G: lol
G: The way I see it, you should go for it. If you don’t like it, you can ebay the sensors or something I bet!
G: I bet someone (maybe me) would be willing to take it off your hands
G: for a price!
M: haha
G: seriously
M: i just wish i knew when insurance was going to get onboard
G: So true
M: if it was like… a year… then i would totally wait
M: but if it is going to be a few years, then i would definitely get it
G: that is what is frustrating, who knows
G: I wonder what “the experts” think
M: who would that be?
G: i dunno
M: helpful!
G: I thought you were up on all that stuff
G: I am the OC’s biggest slacker
M: i am and they are totally split!
M: thats why i cant decide!
G: here is the thing
G: IF I had the abilty to try the newest latest gadget for diabetes management, i would try it
M: yeah… hmm…
M: i am usually the fastest decision maker
M: this one has really thrown me
G: I pay (insert amount) a month for my pump
G: if I could add the sensors to that payment I would
G: in a heartbeat
G: even for just a month of data
G: I think it would improve my control
G: that is the thing. You are in pretty good control
G: so…. what is your motive?
M: they are making me make payment of at least (insert amount) for my pump, i will have just the pump paid off in (insert time)
M: all of it together (at $ amount) in four
G: wow
G: that is cool

I am including this next part for informational purposes only – please keep that in mind

M: that is the thing – my last three A1cs were 5.6, 5.6, and 5.8
G: wow
G: do you really have diabetes”?
G: I am SOOOO kidding
G: i got that
M: just checking
M: i have never passed out from a hypo
G: so…You A1C is really as good as I can imagine it ever getting.
G: wow
M: never had a hypo i couldnt self-treat (consequence of living alone)
M: never been to the ER except a Dx
M: you can do a 5.8 – it is about a 120-130 avg,
G: that is awesome
M: no hypo unawareness
G: here is the thing
G: insurance is going to cover people who really need it
G: you would not fall into that catagory you know?
M: correct
G: so…save your money
M: so now you are saying dont?
G: yes
G: I am saying dont’t
M: haha, see why I cant decide!!
G: why do it?
M: you even changed your mind!
G: now that I have all the info
M: ’cause i like numbers, and knowing everything!
G: what “help” would it be
G: you must be pretty good at it to have that A1C
M: you wont like my answer – testing less
G: lol
G: That is the thing, it seems you have to test MORE just to calibrate the thing
M: ok, fine
G: are you mad?
G: that sounded angry
M: no, you are totally right
M: all the voices of reason say no
G: right
G: I agree the coolness factor is huge but really, for a grand?
M: i guess it will be nice with the 522 at least knowing i ‘could’
G: that is what I was gonna say
G: You should upgrade your pump
M: I am
G: yea r />M: TOMORROW

Then we got a little distracted but I think it is funny so I am including that too!

M: hey, have you ever read Pumping Insulin?
G: yeah i read it
M: read it, or READ (and did the worksheets) it
G: i know, i need to do that
G: I read them… I never Did that stuff. I am such a slacker
M: ’cause honestly, that, and testing 2 hours after meals is the only changes i made to bring my numbers down
G: that excites me Sara
M: and i eat horribly!
G: Cheese Sticks are not horrible!
G: :)
M: i have Burger King probably as often as Scott
G: i will do that, seriously
M: set your pump to remind you to test 2 hours after your meal
G: that i always do
M: then you are halfway there! :D
G: I test before each meal (duh) and two hours after each.
M: i had dinner with a pumper tonight and the only reason he tested was because I had my meter with me
M: he ‘left his in the car’
G: woah
G: I would not even eat
M: bummer was that he was lower than me :(
G: I have to know before I eat! HELLO?
M: 82 for him, 130 for me
G: i was 77 before dinner
G: <– winner
M: found out he never uses the bolus wizard either
M: “does the math in his head”
G: OMgoodness
G: I am way to dumb for that
M: i ‘might’ be able to do it for food
M: but not corrections
G: right
M: and IOB/active insulin
M: forget it!
G: yeah, that is confusing
G: help me wizard HELP!
M: ok, it is 12:30 here
G: go to bed
M: thanks!
M: and thanks for your help!
G: no prob
M: talking me out of a bad decision!
G: no prob. I think you are doing the right thing! Get that 522
M: have a great night!
G: and when insurance is ready, you will be too
M: tomorrow i promise, the rep is waiting for my call
M: (expect a blog about this when I have time) :D
M: nite
G: nite


  • I never thought about Ebay-ing my leftover box of un-used sensors- I should do that. That Ninja fella is soo wise in soo many ways.

    CGM is not guarenteed. Mine now sits in a box and I think it represents a lot of money doing nothing. It would have been a better choice to buy consumables for something that really works well to determine BS- test strips for my glucometer.

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