Why am I so stubborn?

I put in a new site on Sunday. I have been using my stomach lately, trying to give my hips a break. I know the site was working after I put in in because I was in range after breakfast.

For lunch, I went to the mall with a friend. We ate at a California Pizza Kitchen – which probably wasn’t the best idea but it tasted so good!

Anyway, the reason we were at the mall was because my friend had some returns to make. Eight pairs of jeans to return, to be completely accurate (consequence of online shopping I suppose). Well, my friend is quite pregnant, so I offered to carry the box for her – eight pairs of jeans are surprisingly heavy and awkward.

I am still not sure exactly what I did, but somehow it picking up the box I got it caught on my site or something because I felt a very sharp sting on my stomach. I use the Sure-Ts because they are less likely to get clogged or bent, but let me tell you when you have a steel needle under your skin and you yank on it you can certainly feel it!!

I told my friend that I did something to my site and so after we made the return I went into the bathroom to check on it. It looked fine, the IV3000 wasn’t even peeling loose or anything. So I assumed it was fine.

But my after lunch number was surprisingly high. I had pizza though, so I assumed that it was just a math error. For dinner, I went to a great local BBQ place. And darn it, my after dinner number was surprisingly high. Not “oh my gosh this site isn’t working” high just “wow that is higher than I thought it would be” high.

I felt like I spent the rest of the day Sunday correcting. Then on Monday I was running around shopping. I thought I would go low so I had some snacks with me. Surprisingly I stayed in a tight range the whole time without eating anything. Then, a few hours after I ate dinner, guess what? Wow that is higher than I thought it would be” high. Spent the rest of the night correcting to get it back down.

Tuesday? Lather, rinse, repeat.

Finally, Tuesday night I pulled the site… slowly so I could see if there was anything wrong with it. And instead of being a 90 degree set, it was under my skin at more of like a 45 degree or less angle – like it was barely under the skin. My best guess is that I had pulled it out when I caught it on the box but it had also (somewhat) been kept in place with its adhesive and the IV3000.

But the real question is – why the heck am I so stubborn? I had hints that something was wrong for two days before I did anything about it!!

Please tell me I’m not the only extremely stubborn diabetic!!!


  • I think sometimes I talk myself out of an infusion set site issue merely for the fact that I don’t want to waste or have to change it. After a few days or close to when it’s ready to be changed I am much more likely to replace it. But right after I insert it, I don’t want to go through the hassle of doing it again.

    There are so many variables with type 1 and pumping that sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint the issue right away. At least you had *some* inclination that there might be an issue.

  • I agree – it is sometimes so hard to pinpoint these issues when there are so many contributing factors! I’ve done the same thing – trying to rule out other stuff first before breaking down to change the set.

  • I think I’m a bit stubborn, too. I’m not a huge fan of site changes (they sting) and I’m also cheap, so I don’t like to pull a set until I have to.

    You are not alone!! 😀

  • I use the Quickset and there have been times when I push in on it hoping I am getting back in the place when deep down I know I should pull it out.

    So to answer your questions, you are not alone!

  • Been there, done that, still do that, would have the T-shirt if there was one! I ocasionally compromise with myself and will inject a correction/food bolus if I’m having that kind of problem, which helps the numbers, but I am still stubborn refusing to change the set when I knw I need to.

  • You are Not stubborn.

    I go through Every variable before I call it a site issue.

    I don’t mind changing sites, have no issues with it at all but I hate the idea of a wasted infusion set and site all rolled into one.

    You are normal, you are human.


  • lol, I am a lot like you! hahaha Sometimes I put my Pod in the wrong spot or see blod clots, I don’t change it. I keep on stepping. I am tight with my money and I refuse to pay to replace 1 pod. I should’ve skipped this post. You mention BBQ…yum

  • I have come to the conclusion that it is just human nature. We want things to be right and so we put up with things that are clearly wrong and subconciously we just keep explaining away the obvious. We now say a second high test and inject don’t mess around. Get down and change everything.

  • Are you kidding me? You are so NOT the only stubborn diabetic. Tonight it was eye opening for me. My sugars are high and my body has decided that since I do not listen anyway why act sick? I have been easily tired and moody but other than that none of the usual high signs even my friend asked about it – usually when it gets high I get hyper.

    So tonight I sat down and pulled out the meds and the insulin and the stuff and shook my head. I have missed the past 3 months of meds except for the ocassional ones.

    My husband truies to remind me and I turn against him. Am I stupid? No. I am actually pretty darn smart. So why is it I am diabetes stupid??

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