Like a duck to water

With my new-found love for Aqua-pac, I headed off to a local water park on Saturday. The “pac” held up well, and I had a good time.

We were supposed to stay from when the park opened at 10 am until closing at 5 pm. Around 2:30 pm, I felt like I could not climb another set of stairs, no matter how good the ride was! Equally exhausted, my friends and I decided to bail after two more rides. We waited in line for the first one, and as we were getting into the raft the attendant said we were lucky we made it because they were probably going to be shutting down the rides for the impending storm (thunder and lightening in the distance).

Arriving at the bottom of the ride, we re-thought our plan and just headed for the car. I almost fell asleep on the 10 minute ride home. Stair climbing = good for the blood sugars (great range all day), bad for the aging body.

Side note: I also changed my set (ahead of schedule) when I got home. With the extreme amounts of chlorine I was floating around in all day, I couldn’t imagine leaving any of it on my skin for a few more days.

Having diabetes and being attached (almost) 24/7 to a medical device does not mean I have to miss fun summer activities like a water park. It just means I need to take a few extra precautions. But I guess you can say I am not a stranger to extra precautions.


Taken on a childhood vacation to Myrtle Beach. Yes, I am on a raft, wearing a flotation device, goggles, a swim cap, and ear plugs. But I am pretty sure I actually touched the water at some point!!


Sunday was time for more fun in the sun. I headed to a local beach to catch some vitamin D a few more rays. About an hour after I got there, I heard the first sound of thunder. Sure enough, a few minutes later I hear the horn from the lifeguard closing the beach, and turn around to see this.

storm rolling in...


Afternoon storms are pretty typical this far south, but I have never heard of one closing the beach before. That is until I got about a block away and ran into this.

...getting closer...


And shortly before I got home, the rain finally began.

...and now raining


I had hoped to spend more than an hour at the beach, but I should have known not to count on afternoon sun in South Florida!

So how was your weekend?


*title thanks to a Twitter vote decided by Rachel B


  • TOtal radness Sara.

    Any “theme” type park wears me out so quickly, So fun though.

    Glad you had a good time. Sounded like a blast.

    The picture of you in the pool — Adorable!!!! That smile. 😉

    Ahhh, thunderstorms. Fun. I love them. We don’t have enough here (this year so far at least — me up north on the east coast, CNY, would so rather be near a beach).

    Great title too.

  • That picture of you is awesomely hilarious! Lucky for me, I don’t think there’s any photographic documentation of me in geeked-out swim gear, other than maybe one of me pre-D (so

  • You were cute!! Storm? ….Not so cute.

    Mr. Storm was kinda looking out for you though… U were going to leave anyway! LOL!

  • I am thinking about the Aquapac for my Minimed 722 pump. In the 508 days I used the Sport Guard and hated it. It did the job but it was clunky and if you hit hard sking it hurt.

    Question is how well does the Aquapac hold the pump to you. and where do you fasten it? I am a thin person and I wear the CGMS and Infusion site around my mid section. I don’t have the real estate to put sensors many places. Does the Aquapac belt run through loops or is it a part of the belt? One Piece? Look forward to your reply.

    Nice pics by the way.


  • I am ready to purchase some kind of device to let me go swimming again. I use a MM722 Paradigm and also the CGMS system. I need to know how durable this device is? I know that you have used it for a short time but any input would be appreciated. Have you experianced any restriction in flow while using the Aquapac? I do not know when I go Low and I need the sensor to help me. That is why I have stayed away from the water for so many years. I am tired of the disease controlling me instead of the other way around. I had the Sportsguard when I used the 506 pump. It worked but it was like having a piece of luggage strapped to me. If you are Sking or Waterboarding it can and does beat you up when you crash. If you are active at all you will crash. Is the Aquapac somewhat comfortable? Does it look like it will hold up to hitting the water at 30+ MPH when strapped to you?

    Lots of questions but I need answers. I have looked at the Aquapac site and am very interested but the thought of spending $65.00 and then ruining a $7000.00 pump is not a thing I take lightly.


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