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The lifeblood of any diabetic. Why? You have to know what your blood sugar is to know what you need to do. Do you need to eat? More medication? Less medication? More insulin? Less insulin?

Test. Don’t guess.

So, as long as I’m testing, does it matter what meter I use? It isn’t like there is a shortage of brands, or styles, or even colors. Of course, there are important differences between meters. Some have larger displays. Require less blood. Have a backlight. In speaking with other diabetics, it seems like some meters even read higher or lower than others.


meters, meters everywhere

How did I decide?

When I was first diagnosed I used an Accu-Chek meter. I used to have to wait 30 seconds for a result. The longer term diabetics can’t believe it when I say that seemed like forever. I have a negative emotional attachment to the Accu-Chek brand because my diabetes was so horribly misdiagnosed and mismanaged during that time. It was hard for me to continue to use that meter after my DKA hospitalization.

About a year later, my insurance chose the Lifescan products as their preferred brand – which meant I could get their strips for the lowest co-pay. I have switched insurance companies a few times since then, but have continued to use Lifescan meters.

I would say about 90% of the time I am using the One Touch UltraLink which sends the results directly to my insulin pump. This is mostly for convenience sake. Let’s say that my blood sugar is 200 mg/dL, it is much easier to have the number just show up on the screen than scroll up from my target of 90 mg/dL.



The other 10% of the time I am using the One Touch UltraMini. It uses the same strips as the UltraLink – which is Ultra convenient. Out of the case, the UltraMini is a much smaller meter that fits nicely into big pockets and small purses for quick trips. I can even pick one to match most of my outfits.



What’s your favorite meter and why?


  • I adore my Wavesense Presto.

    It’s blue. It’s small, light-weight and no coding!!!

    And the test strips are Cheap! (no insurance, you do what you gots to)

    I recall the Accu-Chek taking forever too!!!

  • The meter I use right now is a Freestyle Lite. I dig it most because it uses less blood, and this helps me avoid wasted test strips from partial filling. It’s also small. And, it has a light to illuminate the strip during night time testing, which after filling the strip it changes to backlight the screen.

    It does not comm with my pump, which would make it rock, but I like it enough so this does not matter to me.

  • LOL…we are meter soulmates. I also was given a horrible 30-sec waiting time Accu-Chek meter when diagnosed, and I also use a OneTouch UltraLink and and Ultra Mini now (although my ratio is about 50/50…the UltraLink lives in my purse and the Ultra Mini is the home meter). I have to say, though, that I don’t really think the Ultra Mini is that small, not compared to the Freestyle Flash/Lite, at least, both of which I have used at various points when my insurance didn’t want to cover OneTouch strips. I really like the Lite, actually (no coding!), but since I need OneTouch strips for the UltraLink meter, my two Lites are getting any use anymore… 🙁

  • I use the One Touch Ultra Link and the Ultra Mini. I also have an Ultra 1 and Ultra 2. Mainly I use the Ultra Link, and I take that everywhere. I have never really tried anything else. A one touch was given to me when diagnosed, and I just stayed with it. Cheapest co-pay also because it is the preferred brand by my insurance. So, with that alone, I have had no desire to change.

  • Different faves for different reasons:

    • Freestyle Flash/Lite: tiny, tiny blood sample, small device, fast response, backlight, port light, great software.
  • Wavesense Keynote and Presto:Small devices, smallish blood sample, fast, backlight, inexpensive strips, easy-to-use software, system-tray app automatically recognizes and downloads when meter is attached.
  • Lifescan UltraSmart: Ability to maintain on-device basic log including medication/insulin management, meal logging (calories/carbs/protein/fat), good software.
  • That said, my standard is the Flash, though for various reasons I’m making the transition to the Lite.

  • Being in Canada, we have slightly different meters. I, too, used to dislike AccuCheks as well, but recently tried out their new Nano meter and feel in love. Take only approx 5 sec… small, sleek and compact. Was using a Freestyle light before. Nano does use a code chip, but I can deal with that. I don’t download from it as I download all my info from my pump. Check it out if the Nano ever makes it down South! I know the UK has it too!

  • I have 2 favorites: 1) Whichever one communicates with my pump (currently the PDM for OmniPod, which is freestyle)

    and 2) the Accucheck Compact. That was the best meter for me cause I liked the idea of not having to fiddle with test strips. It’s also the one that I got my Multiclix device from and have been using ever since then. If the meter communicates with the pump AND uses a drum, I’d be in meter heaven I think.

  • Either the Freestyle Lite or the Wavesense Jazz – the former because it’s a cracking meter that has some well thought out features and the latter because it gives you a little smiley face if your blood glucose reading is good.

  • I use the One Touch Ping to go with my pump. If that one is missing in action or breaks (which has happened once so far), I pull out the One Touch Ultra Smart. I keep a One Touch mini in my purse as the backup in case I forget my meter or have a technology fail.

    I started with the Accuchecks too. Of course the one I started with took 2 minutes, yeesh!

  • I like my Contour. The insurance made me switch to this meter some years ago but I’ve come to terms with it. This meter takes the tiniest sample of blood, always matches up with my labs and requires no coding. I can do a test on my every day use meter and my back up meter and they always match! So I trust my Contour!

  • I’m a big fan of the One Touch Ultra. It’s fast, easy, and accurate and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for good quality test strips!

  • just discovered the accu-chek aviva nano and havent looked back. its about half the size of the original aviva, just as accurate (if i draw too much blood i sometimes lets the meters have a competition and i believe the one with the lower figure…..) and fits into my jeans pocket with ease and without obtruding at all.

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