Tougher than it looks

Betty Davis once said, “Getting old ain’t for sissies” (found here).

Well, that is certainly true for one person who is having a very important birthday today. June 16th is my big brother’s 30th birthday!

He may be tough now, but I would like to offer evidence that proves that wasn’t always the case.

ages 7 and 9

Matching easter outfits with your sister = not tough


ages 7 and 9 - 2

Questionable outfit at Universal Studios = definitely not tough


cool in Solvang

Somehow pulling off looking tough and completely uninterested on the front of a surrey in Solvang only a few short years later!


And most recently:

Easter 2009


Oh, he may look tough now, but he still freaks out whines like a baby has some trouble when someone asks him to test his blood sugar for fun using one of my lancets!

Happy Birthday Big Brother! See you in a few weeks!


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