Don’t Do Nothing

Two years ago at Friends for Life, Kerri introduced me to the “Diabetes Dad”. Tom Karlya writes a column over at dLife, and if you just take a minute to read his bio over there, you will see how great he is.

When I got to the conference this year, I was excited to see that he would be one of the keynote speakers during the opening session.

Tom Karlya had a childhood dream to act professionally. So did I.

The difference is, he actually did it.

Which was actually the message of his keynote address.

Tom Karlya's first slide


Don’t do nothing.

Tom assured us that, “Everyone can make a difference somewhere”

Tom has made a difference through JDRF, dLife, and the Diabetes Reasearch Institute Foundation. And in a recent column he profiles more people who have made a difference.

The “Diabetes Dad” has made a huge impact on the diabetes community. If you think you can’t do something as great as Tom Karlya or the people he profiled, consider the quote by Teddy Roosevelt that Tom shared during his speech, “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.

Tom Karlya and Nicole Johnson

Tom with Nicole Johnson at the Banquet


I am working with my local JDRF chapter to put together a group for young adults, after being frustrated by the lack of one for *cough* four *cough* years. If you are in South Florida and interested – let me know!

So what are you doing?


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