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… and second, and third, and fourth


DD Challenge August 4th


You get the idea!

To be totally honest with all of you, one of the biggest barriers to my exercise routine is my love for good TV! It is hard to exercise when you can’t don’t want to move away from the screen. I live in a very small apartment (in a great location) so a treadmill or elliptical machine in here is not going to happen.

However, last night I discovered a new feature in my WiiFit. There is a program called “free step”, where I can set up the amount of time in advance and then change the channel. Instead of watching Mii, I can watch normal TV. The Wii remote acts as a metronome to help me keep in step. I stepped up and down, and up and down, and up and… well, down while watching Saving Grace. 20 minutes felt like no time at all when I wasn’t staring at the clock.

That in addition to some other aerobics, balance, and strength training exercises, and it made for a decent workout.

DD Challenge - August 4th

And in the end, I even have people cheering me on (see the girl to the left of the clock?)!


How are you doing on your Diabetes Daily Challenge so far?


  • :::cheering:::: Woot woot!

    You’re doing great!!

    My sister Loves her Wii. She loves the boxing ones. I am not at that point (plus she kicks my arse!!!) but I love the Wii Fit games. I miss using her Wii.

    In the meantime I do stretching/toning/calming exercises to start my day then after work I take a walk. If I keep it up they Will become my greatest habits ever! 😉

  • Hmm, we have a WiiFit and we’ve barely used it. I didn’t know you could do that. Good for you for working out by working around the limited space you have. I hope a little of your motivation rubs off on me.

  • Sara…you’re making me feel VERY guilty for not using the Wii!!! especially the Wii Fit!!

    Personally…for a workout… i do prefer the Wii Sport Boxing… now that can really give me a sweat…on top of very sore arms the next day!!

    and oh… i TOTALLY suck at the strength training exercise ~_~

  • Hannah – there is rhythmic boxing in the WiiFit, so I do boxing as part of my Wii workout too! With the WiiFit board you also have to pay attention to your steps because you have to step forward, back, and dodge left and right as instructed.

  • We have to move-it, move-it! MOVE-IT!

    My espousa is liking the Wii stepping program that plumbs the sound through the Wii controller. It has a very simple stepping routine- back and forth. In this program, she can change the channel to watch something esle on TV, and the sound for stepping still continues through the hand held controller.

  • I love when people write about the WiFit, because I STILL have not seen or used one in person. It seems awesome, and I’m really tempted to splurge in the coming months.


    Sara I’ve been struggling with motivation and this is a great idea for me! I love my Wii Fit as well and really enjoy the step and free step routines so I will have to do just like you and watch a bit of tv while I’m stepping it up!

  • Sara – There is rhythmic boxing on the Wii Fit?????????????????????????????????? WHERE!!!????????

    obviously you can see i don’t use my Wii Fit a lot…*blush*

    I need to find better shows than what they show on our TV channels here for me to start using the free step… recommendations please???

  • Hurray for finding that feature on your Wii Fit. It makes me want to buy a Wii – I wonder if I can convince my husband? Luckily, I do have room for one of those collapsible manual treadmills in my living room – I can tuck it behind the door when I’m done. Being able to walk in my living room while watching the previous days episode of General Hospital on my DVR has really helped me overcome the desire to just bag my working on any given day!

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