I am a farmer

(I apologize in advance if this post doesn’t make any sense. After three weeks, I am a bit out of practice.)

When I was in graduate school preparing for the job I do now, one of my professors likened our profession to being a farmer. It’s not a perfect analogy, but it goes something like this:

A farmer works hard every day. There are always things to do – cows to be milked, fences to be fixed, and other farming things (I really have no idea – I’m a city girl!).

However there are times of the year when the same farmer works extra hard – sun up to sun down – when the crops need to be planted or when it’s time to bring the harvest in.

My professor was encouraging us to recognize and appreciate the ‘slow’ times to make it easier to get through the harvest season.

I just finished a harvest.

I love my job – there are days that I can’t believe I get paid for what I do. But these past three weeks, I have never worked so hard.

I was exhausted – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spritually. In fact, on Saturday afternoon I actually twitteredI love my job I really do, but I am completely exhausted. spent. i have nothing left to give.”

On Sunday night – everything changed. A local church was having a night of worship. They meet in a local community theater and the place was packed. I had to stand in the back, but it was so encouraging to at times just be silent and listen to everyone worshipping together. Even the verses that one of the pastors shared were exactly what I needed to hear. The passage was a reminder of how I need to remember to put the needs of others above myself and that my character should be like Jesus who could have had everything but came to earth as nothing.

Who am I to complain about a tough day or a tough week? My schedule hasn’t really changed. I worked over a 12 hour day today, but it helps to refocus on the purpose of it all.


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