Newly Dx Week: The best of everything

When I was out of town this summer, I scheduled a few posts about my favorite diabetes “accessories” – not really accessories because we need them, but you know what I mean. If you are newly diagnosed, your doctor or nurse will likely give you suggestions regarding the products you will need to manage your diabetes. However, you will soon find out that just as important as listening to your doctor’s suggestions is listening to the suggestions of other diabetics.

First, I posted on my favorite lancet device. I love the MultiClix and Children with Diabetes even ranked the MultiClix as the best lancing device on the market in 2005. While most of the comments were from fellow MultiClix users, Mandy mentioned that she uses the similarly designed Softclix and Vera mentioned the Finetouch (which I had never heard of before).

My next set of ‘favorites’ were my favorite diabetes books. Most important (I consider it required reading) for the newly diagnosed are Cheating Destiny by James S. Hirsch and Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner. CALPumper recommended “The Born Again Diabetic”, Lili and jay 201 both mentioned “Psyching Out Diabetes” by by Richard R. Rubin. Once the stack of unread books throughout my apartment gets back to a manageable level those will be next on my list.

For the third set of favorites, we talked meters. Personally I use my UltraLink about 90% of the time, and my collection of UltraMinis the other 10% – like tonight since I left my UltraLink at work. After I had to come home before lunch today because I had an empty bottle of test strips. CALPumper, Tim and Bernard Farrell love the Wavesense meters. Based off the recommendations of so many diabetics, I tried a Wavesense meter this summer. It seemed like a great meter and I enjoyed its features, but I don’t think I am ready to give up my wireless meter-pump communication for them yet.

My last favorites are probably the ones that I honestly use the least often but are probably just as important as a functioning meter. It is crucial for every diabetic – regardless of type – to understand the food we are eating and how it affects us. For that you need a nutritional guide and a good scale. Click here to see the brands I use, and to read the best suggestions from other diabetics about their favorite products.

If you didn’t leave a comment there (or even if you did), I’d love to hear your opinion! What do you think is the best or most important product for a newly diagnosed diabetic?


  • More important things (nothing specific) is a good pair of walking shoes, and JIF peanut butter. Walking for keeping the BG’s halfway even after eating, and PB to keep it from crashing after a low is fixed. And JIF is the best tasting.

  • Sara-

    I love the multiclix lancing device. I’ll look up the books you mentioned:) I totally agree with listening and seeking advice from other pwd’s. You can’t go wrong with a nutritional guide…it’s a must.

  • Ask questions and seek help when your even a little frustrated or puzzled. Great list of books I only have Think Like a Pancreas. Definitely adding the others to my Must Have list of books.

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