You didn’t think I would miss D-Blog Day did you?

Happy D-Blog Day everyone!

On Saturday I attended the Diabetes Research Institute’s conference Diabetes 2.0: Commecting the Community from Care to Cure.  

If you are on Twitter, the best way to find out what happened at the conference is to search the hashtag #dri20. Believe me, the scientists and researchers were talking so fast it took all the bloggers/twitterers working together to keep up so looking at all our tweets combined will probably give you the best picture of the event.

I hope to put together a real post about the event soon, but of course I scheduled my most hectic week at work during the most hectic week in the diabetes blogger community.

I will say that for a diabetes blogger burned out on the diabetes life, having dinner with these fine folks is just what the endocrinologist ordered.




And isn’t that the point of D-Blog Day after all? This amazing network of diabetes bloggers around the world who can give us the lastest information from the researchers and scientists, can post about new diabetes tips and tricks that have worked for them, can increase awareness and advocacy in our communities, and can tell a good joke when that’s really what you need to hear.

Happy D-Blog Day everyone!


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