Dinner with family

Living across the country and three thousand miles away from most of my family means that vacations are spent traveling from location to location visiting family members. Last night was no different, except I was visiting with my diabetes family.

I don't remember the story - but it was funny!the ever-patient Diabetic_iz_me Mini Me :)I don't remember the story - but it was funny!


I bought the book Cold Tangerines a few months ago. It is a collection of stories about celebrating life (even during the difficult parts). There is a chapter entitled “Swimming” where the author talks about trying to pick out a greeting card. She is standing in the aisle looking at all these big inspirational messages and feeling like none of them fit until she sees one that simply says, “You too? I thought I was the only one.”

Diet Coke pitcher 2 of 3
presents from JaimieH


Isn’t that what good friends are for? The end of this year has been a stressful one for me and for many other people. It was so nice to catch up with good friends over cheese sticks and diet coke. The company was good, the conversation even better. I feel refreshed and ready to start a new blogging year.

Group picture!

You too? I thought I was the only one.


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