Holidays in Red and Silver

The gift that I have the clearest memory of receiving for Christmas as a child was my Rainbow Brite kitchen set. I remember that when you turned the knobs for the ‘burners’, red pieces would spin up under the clear plastic making the ‘burners’ hot. I don’t think it would compare to the fancy kitchen sets kids get today, but I loved my little kitchen. I actually just found someone’s pictures of the oven on Flickr – isn’t it great?!

Apparently, not much has changed. Because of the complications of traveling across the country to see family, I have a few of my Christmas presents already and they are both for my kitchen. The first is something I have wanted for a while, and have already put to good use. My grown-up kitchen now sports the beautiful 90th anniversary KitchenAid mixer!

Isn’t she pretty?!



I took these pictures in the midst of making my famous banana cake recipe – which I then put into my next new gift. It is something that until I saw it a few months ago on The Pioneer Woman’s blog, I didn’t even know existed – a personally engraved cake pan!

The bottom has my full name engraved on it, and the top has a cute design engraved on it as well. It is so pretty and so shiny that I am almost too nervous to actually use it around other people for fear that they will scratch it.


I like baking goodies for other people, and usually the sweeter the better. A few days ago I had a Christmas party at my apartment. I forgot to take a picture of the table before the party started, but here is the spread about halfway through the party.




The sweet treats included brownies, sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, gingerbread cake, and even a batch of red velvet cupcakes. Certainly more than I could have ever made in that Rainbow Brite kitchen!

Since I work in education, I have the next two weeks off for the Christmas break (yay!). I get on a plane later today to fly home to California. I would imagine that you can expect to see some familiar faces on here in the not-too-distant future!


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