The blessing of traffic

We knew we were in trouble when a road sign shortly after we passed the Vegas Strip read ‘Heavy traffic into California. Expect long delays.’ The road between Las Vegas and Southern California has to be one of the most boring, monochromatic (brown), mind numbing drives in the whole United States. I don’t do well on road trips when I am not driving and any delays in the trip just make it worse so I was going a bit stir-crazy.

The traffic delays and the busiest In-N-Out restaurant ever eventually caused us to be delayed by about an hour and a half. As a result, we finally got to the Cajon Pass (which is the final mountain pass before home) around sunset. It had snowed at some point between when we drove up to my brother’s on Wednesday and our return today. The contrast of the setting sun with the fresh white snow on the moutains was just beautiful. I got out my camera but the beauty was hard to capture from the moving car.

IMG_3234 copyIMG_3236 copyIMG_3237 copyIMG_3239 copy


As I snapped away I realized that if not for the traffic I would have been in the comfort of my mom’s living room at that moment.

If not for the pain of going through struggles, I wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of the blessings that wait for me on the other side.


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