When a problem comes along, you must zip it!

Scott wrote about this idea yesterday, and I thought it was such as great idea I decided to copy him today. Monica, a Type 1 diabetic, is trying to raise a TON of money for JDRF – one zip code at a time.

Zip the Cure is aiming to raise over 4 million dollars for the JDRF by simply getting a $100 donation from every zip code in the United States. Four million dollars seems a lot smaller when it is divided up like that, doesn’t it?!

I checked out my zip code on the map (click here to check yours) and it hadn’t been sponsored yet – most zip codes actually haven’t been sponsored yet – so I plan to do what I can after pay day!

With all the friends we have here on Diabetes Daily (and TuDiabetes, and Twitter), the diabetes community should be able to help Monica quite a way towards her goal!


P.S. I believe in this cause so much I was willing to write it with the ‘z’ key broken on my computer!!


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