My second year

I have bitten the bullet and I’m trying it again! A little over a year ago I finished my first diabetes365 challenge.

What’s that? – you ask.

The goal of diabetes365 is to take a picture each day to show some aspect of what it’s like to live every day with diabetes. You don’t have to start on January 1st, and your pictures don’t have to be fancy (goodness knows – mine aren’t!), so anyone can do it! If you can’t think of anything to post on a certain day, you can just take a picture of your meter (since you’d certainly see that at least once a day – right?)

So who else is in?

My plan is to post the pictures from the previous week on here every Monday. 

January 2, 2010 – day 1
January 2, 2010 - diabetes365 - day 1

Day one! The first day of my second edition of the diabetes365 challenge started bright and early! This picture was taken in Philadelphia halfway through my return trip that started the night before. So much for the hieghtened security! I started at LAX (one of the busiest airports in the US) and was through security in 10 minutes. Not even a second look at me, my pump, or any of my carry-on diabetic supplies.


January 3, 2010 – day 2
January 3, 2010 - diabetes365 - day 2

What time is it?! I think I finally figured out how to deal with the wonkiness that happens every time I change time zones. Someone from the CWD e-mail list mentioned it after the conference this summer. It seems like the key to keeping things in range for me is to only change my pump settings an hour a day.

Wish me luck and/or join in the fun!!


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