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I have been at my current job for a little over four years now. During that time, my office of 5-6 people has gone through 3 office coordinators. Don’t tell anyone, but I think this current one is my favorite. And not just because she always has candy on her desk. And let’s talk about the candy – it’s always the good stuff – name brand, real chocolate goodness.

I walked by her desk today and her candy dish was overflowing. I made some sort of comment about how it looked good and she said that she was trying to get rid of it (it was leftover Christmas stuff) because she already had the new stuff to put out and that I should take as much as I wanted.

Like I said, she had some good stuff there so I grabbed three pieces – two bite-sized peanut butter cups and one fun-sized crunch bar. The newest coworker (probably not totally up-to-date yet on my whole diabetes thing) laughs and innocently says, “wow”.

At that point, someone else says, “Don’t worry, she has to have them one at a time.”

Oh, really? Do I? I have to?

When people make comments out of ignorance, it really doesn’t bug me too much. But this particular coworker has a diabetic on insulin in her family. She knows better, and she still makes comments. Ugh!

Just a little annoyance in the daily life of a diabetic. Nothing like what Kelly K experienced (please click the link – a must read!), but all too typical!


  • Much love to the name-brand candy lady. That’s a quality co-worker right there.

    But the other one? She has to make her comments one at a time. Because otherwise she may get pinched. 😉

  • I believe in this instance you were absolutely in your rights as both a PWD and human too not only pinch her, BUT pinch her hard. Grab some extra peanut butter cups for yourself, AND then pelt said coworker with the rest of the leftover candy!

    And thanks for the mention and the link to yesterdays post- YOU ROCK!

    Kelly K

  • I have one coworker who brings in the good stuff and ever since I passed out some Diabetes Etiquette pamphlets, I am not getting the comments anymore.

    diabetes police: 0

    Ninjabetic: 1

  • lol thats funny… my granddaughter caught me eating some candy over christmas and told me “NANA you know you aren’t supposed to have that!! i told her yes i can its sugar free” she said oh i guess thats ok…. she has heard her dad and mom talking about how since im a diabetic i can’t have any sweets… well i tried to explain to them that i can so have sweets… just in moderation and only when my bg’s are doing good… i wish someone would educate them on it…

  • Yes, please pelt her with candy. But not the peanut butter cups. Don’t waste life’s best pleasures on people like that…. Instead, grab some and mail them my way. One at a time. I won’t mind it.

    (Now wishing I had a cool co-worker like that…. Although, one of mine recently brought in chocoloate cupcakes, and despite them lurking on her desk for the past three days, eying and taunting and whispering in my direction, I’ve only had ONE….. (Read: One at a time…)).

    Ok. Sorry for the digression. All hail great cupcake and candy-offering coworkers! Woo Hoo!


  • Is that co-worker’s family member on an insulin therapy that allows her to bolus/adjust for changes to diet? If she’s only on basal insulin or if her insurance won’t cover enough insulin to cover unexpected highs and unexpected sweets, she may indeed only be able to manage those treats one at the time without seeing unwanted spikes and dips.

  • tmana- yes, this coworker’s family member has diabetes as the result of another condition and is on basal/bolus therapy (intentionally vague for privacy) and since we are on the same insurance I know what it covers. 🙂 I really wouldn’t have been as annoyed if I thought there was a rational explanation for her comment.

  • You just got to love co-workers sometimes!!!

    I have a co-worker here that not only announces my condition… but also announces to people not to give me xxx cause if I get high then its their fault… after that she offers me cake and tells me its ok to just take some… @_@

    ps) yes i know its ok to take some of the cake =)

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