Just the facts

I hate to write in bullet points, but I am realizing that if I don’t try to write at least that much nothing will get written before I leave….

  • for Haiti before dawn on Friday morning. I am totally excited and totally nervous.
  • The site we are staying at has asked us to bring supplies for us to eat while we are there and to also restock their pantry. My team went shopping last night for the food which involved (among other things), 52 cans of Pringles, 13 jars of peanut butter, and 26 boxes of snack cakes.
  • Although the food situation is odd, it is a benefit for me since I can look on the wrappers/packaging of everything to get a pretty accurate carb count.
  • I will have no internet contact on the trip and will not be bringing my phone. One of the leaders of the team will be sending e-mails back to our organization which will then be forwarded to a list of specified people. I have included a very special ninja on that list so he can keep everyone updated as necessary.
  • I wear a pretty sparkly medical ID bracelet so I needed to get a new one for the trip. I ordered one from roadid.com and it was very reasonably priced, arrived quickly and accurately. It is more sporty than what I would typically wear but it is comfortable and will be perfect for what I need.
  • I got a letter a little while back about how MiniMed was FINALLY adding differing lengths of tubing to the Sure-T infusion set. I was on my last box so it was the perfect time to try out the longer tubing. I called to order since I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. I got the 32″ tubing and it is perfect. I typically wear my sites on my hips but have been using the back of my arms recently. With the previous tubing length, my pump could not reach my pocket so I had to clip it on my pants. The extra eight inches lets the pump sit comfortably in my pocket, making me a happy pumper.
  • What does not make me happy is the fact that I never mentioned that I wanted reserviors or IV3000 in my supply order as well, but the rep decided to include them anyway. Not what I needed at the end of the benefits year when I am out of FSA funds. I will be returning the supplies I didn’t order, but it is just frustrating that she didn’t even ask. You know what happens when you assume!
  • I have officially given up on d365 for this year. Maybe I will start again in a few weeks but I missed too many days last month. 🙁 
  • I am bringing my camera and my Flip video camera so I will definitely have stories to tell when I get back.

I know I have probably left something out. Shoot me a question in the comments!! Talk to you soon!!


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