The big revel (reveal?)

Is it bad that I want to rename the new MiniMed pump model? 🙂

After reading this post on Amy’s Diabetes Mine blog about the new Paradigm Revel insulin pump, I headed over to the MiniMed website to learn a little more for myself and to see if an upgrade was in store for me.

As someone who does not have, and really has no interest in the MiniMed CGMS system (I found it less accurate and more painful than DexCom during my trials of both – but know that’s not the case for everyone), I was frustrated to find that most of the upgrades are CGMS related.
The new features include predictive alerts, rate of change alerts, high and low alerts, and new graphs. Blah, blah, blah… Not too helpful or valuable without a CGMS.
They also made the basal rate more precise, and you can have it deliver as little as 0.025 units per hour, but I don’t really need that either. The last new feature mentioned on the MiniMed site is a missed bolus alert that you can use if you tend to forget to bolus at meals. That is one feature I could probably make some use of, because I probably forget about once every week or two. But couldn’t I buy a good watch or set an alarm on my phone to do the same thing?
At $399 for a recertified pump without a longer warranty than the two years I have left on my current pump, I don’t think the Revel is for me.

Anyone else considering an upgrade?


  • I was Seriously disappointed as well. They haven’t advanced this product at all for at least 3-5 years. They should have borrowed some concepts from the Animas pump and enabled remote control of the pump from our meter. There is no reason to upgrade to the new pump.

  • I actually did the upgrade to the Revel a couple of weeks ago. Although MM’s pathway program is usually for a refurbished pump, this model is brand new so there are no refurbished models to distribute. At least that’s what I was told! I agree that their pump changes weren’t state of the art but I think they are a bit more user friendly in most ways. I posted a review here as well if you’re interested in taking a look. Hopefully their next one will be even better!

  • I do use the MM CGMS, so I’m very interested in the upgrade. I am pretty happy w/ my CGMS, but having never tried the Dexcom, I have nothing to compare it to. Isn’t it funny how some people MM works so well, and for others Dexcom is it? It’s just another example of how our diabetes varies from person to person.

  • Sara, a feature I use all the time on my Animas (not sure if you have it) is the reminder for to test your bg every 2 hrs. That way I am always testing after a bolous and after some time my body knows when that 2hrs is close to time. This also helps for when you need to do an adjustment and if timed properly will be when you need to eat as well.

  • Hi Sara, I haven’t talked to you in a long time. i hope you are well.

    I did not like the MM CGM ether, and I love the Dexcom. i have used my Dex less that 4 months, but I am getting very good results. My warrantry on my MM 522 pump will exoire in June, 2011. I am thinking I will use the Animas integrated with the Dexcom. That is supposed to happen some time this year. I have also read that Dexcom will be integrated with the Omnipod too. It seems that the pump companies like the Dexcom CGM the best.

    Have you ever visited the Dexcom user’s group on It has over 200 members and is excellent. Experienced Dex users there gave me information/hints that I did not see in the Dex manual. They have helped me so much. I got off to a bad start for all of January but joined that group in Feburary. Things have been good ever since.

    -Richard aka Richard157

  • Schmancy – yes, when I want to have ‘good’ management of my diabetes I use the 2 hour post meal test. Although I was at a session with John Walsh once when he said that a 1 hour (peak) or 3 hr (correction appropriate to avoid stacking) would be better timing for a post meal test.

    Richard – so good to hear from you. I feel like I haven’t seen you around lately, but that has probably been since I haven’t been ‘around’ too much lately either. Interesting to hear that you are on Dex. I am hoping to start soon – either when my insurance decides to pay or when my job situation settles down and I feel like I can use my savings on something like that.

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